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Sample Optimizer

Fulcrum Sample Optimizer is a powerful sample delivery system that boosts performance and increases the value of your respondents. Leverage advanced algorithms to automatically deliver respondents across all your surveys.

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Field Manager

Fulcrum Field Manager is the smarter, more efficient way to manage projects. Tackle challenging research projects with complex quotas, highly-defined targeting requirements, and flexibly source sample you prefer.

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Sample Exchange

The most efficient way to buy & sell sample. Instant and cost-effective access to hundreds of panel sources globally. Reduce the effort needed to maximize delivery and improve sample costs while controlling sample sources.

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Superior data quality & world-class security

Data Quality Protocols

  • Cross-supplier deduplication across the platform
  • RelevantID® deduplication + Fraud Protection
  • Realtime validation with TrueSample™
  • Category participation exclusions standardized across system
  • Tracking exclusions via survey grouping
RelevantID and TrueSample


Unbeatable results whether you license or use our service options.

Fulcrum licensing

Fulcrum Licensing

Give your operations team full access to today's most powerful, open and customizable sampling technology.

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Assisted Services

Assisted Services

Retain control with operation reinforcement. Not ready to fully embrace Fulcrum on your own? We've got your back.

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Managed Services

Managed Services

Remove the pain of project management – use our highly experienced and skilled project managers to steer even your most complex projects on Fulcrum.

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